Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Introduction To Game Theory


Vito Fragnelli
University of Eastern Piedmont - Department of Advanced Sciences and Technologies
Course Type
Type A
June 20-24, 2016
Schedule of the classes: Mon (Aula 13) h. 14.00-18.00
, Tue (Aula 13) Wed (Aula 15) Thu( Aula 13) Fri (Aula 15) h. 9.00-13.00
Duration of the cour)se: 20 hours
The course presents the basic concepts of game theory. Classical, non-cooperative games will first be introduced and the fundamental equilibrium concepts will be discussed. Thereafter, we will consider cooperative and bargaining games. Finally, we will present power indices and some specific types of cooperative games.
Introduction - Representation of a Game - Extensive Form - Strategic Form - Characteristic Form - Solution Concept. Non-cooperative Games - Nash Equilibrium - Mixed Strategies - Refinements of Nash Equilibrium.Cooperative Games – NTU Games - The Bargaining Problem - Nash Axiomatic Solution - Other solutions - TU-Games. Set Solutions for TU Games - Imputations - Core – Balancedness - Point Solutions for TU Games – Shapley Value and Nucleolus Power Indices - Weighted Majority Games - Shapley-Shubik Index - Normalized Banzhaf - Deegan-Packel Index - Public Good Index - Johnston Index - Linear Programming Games - Sequencing Games - Assignment Games (Bilateral Market) - Network Games



PhD Students/Alumni

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