Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Materials Concepts For Solar Cells


Mara Bruzzi
Università di Firenze
Course Type
Type B
09/06 14:00-18:00
11/06 11:00-13:00 14:00-18:00
12/06 11:00-13:00 14:00-17:00
13/06 11:00-13:00 14:00-17:0
lab. 126
Part 1. Blackbody radiation and sunlight spectrum. Air mass definition. Simulation of the Sun spectrum in different atmospheric conditions using the SMARTS (Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine) software. Sun simulating devices for laboratory tests. 5 hours

Part 2. Basic Characteristics of Solar Cells. Photocurrent generation and the origin of photovoltage. Equivalent circuit of a real solar cell. Maximum efficiency of ideal single-junction solar cells. Multi-junction solar cells. spectral splitting. 5 hours

Part 3. Hands-on of different classes of solar cells based on: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon; III-V semiconductors; thin-films; nano-composites (dye sensitized TiO2 solar cells), triple junctions; lateral beam splitting systems. 5 hours



PhD Students/Alumni

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