Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Optical Fiber Sensors And Applications To Chemical/biochemical Sensing


F. Baldini
Istituto di Fisica Applicata CNR Firenze
C. Trono
Istituto di Fisica Applicata CNR Firenze
Course Type
Type B
June 3 h 14-18 AULA 21
June 4 h 14-18 AULA 21
June 5 h 14-18 AULA r305
June 10 h 14-18 AULA 21
June 12 h 14-18 AULA r305
Introduction on fiber optics
  • Basic concepts and equations: definition of optical fiber; uniform core step-index and non-uniform core graded-index fibers; Snell law; Maxwell equations.
  • Ray theory of optical fibers: ray classification; numerical aperture NA; multimode dispersion.
  • Wave theory of uniform core fibers: wave equations in cylindrical coordinates; mode classifications; weakly guiding approximation, LP modes; waveguide and material dispersion.

Optical fiber grating sensors
  • Basic concepts and definitions: classification of optical fiber sensors; characteristic parameters.
  • Fiber gratings: definitions; basic introduction on couple mode theory.
  • Short period fiber bragg gratings (FBG): FBG theory; fabrication techniques; FBG characterization; FBG optimization for sensing purposes; sensing applications.
  • Long period gratings: LPG theory; fabrication techniques; LPG characterization; LPG optimization for sensing purposes; sensing applications.

Erbium doped fiber laser (EDFL) sensors
  • Basic concepts and equations: theoretical background, linear cavity and ring cavity EDFL.
  • EDFL: linear and ring cavity fabrication techniques; EDFL optimization for sensing purposes; sensing applications.

Optical sensors for chemical and biochemical sensors – fundamentals
  • Label-based sensors
    • basic concept of absorption
    • basic concept of fluorescence
    • basic concept of chemiluminescence
  • Label-free biosensors
    • direct spectroscopy (Raman end infrared spectroscopy)
    • surface plasmon resonance
    • optical resonators

Optical chemical and biochemical sensors for medical application
  • Optical sensors in clinical diagnostics
  • Optical sensors for Point of Care applications
  • Intracellular optical sensing



PhD Students/Alumni

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