Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Advanced Elements Of Information Theory


Neri Merhav
Technion, Haifa (Israel)
Course Type
Type B
10 aprile 2008, 18 maggio 2008
1. A Brief Review on basic concepts and elementary results in information theory: The source coding theorem for memoryless sources with and without distortion; the rate-distortion function, simple examples for the computation of the rate-distortion function. [4 hrs] 2. Basic Properties of the Rate--Distortion Function: The structure of the optimum test channel, alternative representations of the rate-distortion function, the Arimoto-Blahut algorithm, bounds on the rate-distortion function of a memoryless source. [4 hrs] 3. Sources with Memory: The Gaussian source with memory - the maximum entropy property; optimal distortion assignment in the transform domain; the parametric formula for the rate-distortion function. Bounds on the rate distortion-function of a general stationary source - the Wyner-Ziv bound, the generalized Shannon bound, the autoregressive bound; the Gaussian bound. [2 hrs] 4. Lossy Data Compression with Side Information: the Wyner-Ziv problem: The lossless case - Slepian-Wolf coding; characterization of the Wyner-Ziv rate-distortion function; examples of computation of the Wyner-Ziv rate-distortion function; coding theorem and converse to the coding theorem. [4 hrs] 5. Quantization: The quantization problem; Basic concepts in optimum quantizer design; high resolution quantization theory: scalar companding, lattice quantizers, multi--dimensional companding, dithered quantization. [6 hrs]



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