Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Using Neural Networks


Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, OX14 3DB, UK
Course Type
Type B
Dal 13 al 15 maggio 2013
Il giorno 13/5 l'orario sarà 10.00-13.00 e 15:00-18:00. In quell'occasione verrà fissato l'orario per i restanti due giorni di lezione
1.  What can we learn from biology and our own learning experiences? 2.  How can we model a single neuron: McCulloch and Walter Pitts 1943 model 3.  Simulating the human memory: The Hopfield 1987 model: 4.  Learning from experience: The Rumelhart and McClelland 1987 model. 5.  Classification: how neural nets compare with traditional classifiers 6.  On-line classification: Distinguishing weld defects using ultrasonics 7.  On-line control: controlling the plasma shape in a fusion tokamak 8.  Prediction from past data: Predicting the UK stock market – with errors 9.  Signature verification: distinguishing true signatures from forgeries 10. Recurrent networks: remembering a periodic time sequence 11. Buried mine classification using traditional pulsed radar 12. Image analysis: distinguishing mines from clutter with holographic radar 13. Today's problem: fusion reactors: predicting the optimal alloy



PhD Students/Alumni

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