Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Complex Systems

Complex systems are characterized by oscillating or chaotic dynamics and are widespread in environmental and social sciences. This research curriculum concerns the development, analysis and simulation of nonlinear mathematical models displaying the typical features of complex systems.
The main lines of research investigated regard:
- Mathematical modeling of biophysical phenomena, with particular emphasys on ecological system;
- Physical experiments exhibiting bifircations and chaotic behavior;
- Methods and algorithms for the analysis of complex nonlinear time series;
- Optimization and multicriteria techniques for solving decision problems in the management of environmental systems.

Appropriate competences for these topics are found in several researchers which are involved in Center for Complex System Studies of the University of Siena, which are members of the steering board of the Doctorate School. Moreover, several international collaborations are active on these topics with researchers of Institutes like IMPA (Brasil), Max Planck Institute (Germany) and Santa Fe Institute (USA).


PhD Students/Alumni

Dip. Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy