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Alumni and PhD Thesis
*=Doctor Europaeus
M=Doctor in Mathematical Logic, Informatics and Bioinformatics School
XXXIII Cycle - 2017/2018
Name Thesis
Elia Landi
Enhancing the reliability of turbomachine condition monitoring exploiting unconventional rugged sensors, 2021
Andrea Mazzon
Hilbert functions and symmetric tensors identifiability, 2021
Riccardo Moretti
Digital Nonlinear Oscillators: A Novel Class of Circuits for the Design of Entropy Sources in Programmable Logic Devices, 2021
Lorenzo Parri
Ion current and exhaust gas composition measurements for combustion monitorin, 2021
Matteo Tiezzi
Local Propagation in Neural Network Learning by Architectural Constraints, 2021
Giovanni Gino Zanvettor
Control Techniques for Optimal Management of Microgrids in the Presence of Uncertainty , 2021
XXXII Cycle - 2016/2017
Name Thesis
Paolo Andreini
Multi-stage generation for semantic image segmentation , 2020
Andrea Baghini
A hybrid formulation for monocular visual SLAM, 2020
Simone Bonechi
Lack of Supervised Data: A Deep Learning Approach in Image Analysis” , 2020
Martina Bucciarelli
Dealing with uncertainty in planning of energy storage systems in power distribution networks, 2020
Patrick Kapita
Ehsan Nowroozi
Machine Learning Techniques for Image Forensics in Adversarial Setting , 2020
Marco Procaccini
A Data-Flow Execution Engine for Scalable Embedding Computing , 2020
Giovanni Spagnoletti
Augment Human Abilities Through Sensorimotor Interfaces , 2020
XXXI Cycle - 2015/2016
Name Thesis
Francesco Farina
Distributed Algorithms for Set Membership Estimation and Constrained Nonconvex Optimization , 2019
Francesco Giannini
On the Integration of Logic and Learning , 2019
Enza Panzardi
Measurements systems for industrial plants condition monitoring, 2019
Daniele Pepe
New tecniques for solar power forecasting and building energy management, 2019
Maria Pozzi
Grasping and manipulation with soft robotic hands, 2019
Iacopo Savelli
Towards the Integration of Electricity Markets: System-wide and Local Solutions, 2019
Hadis Takalo
XXX Cycle - 2014/2015
Name Thesis
Alice Benini
Antenna Engineering by Metasurfaces, 2018
Antonino Crivello
Monitoring indoor human activities for Ambient Assisted Living, 2018
Veronica Guerrini
On enumeration sequences generalising Catalan and Baxter numbers, 2018
Tommaso Lisini Baldi
Human Guidance: Wearable Technologies, Methods, and Experiments , 2018
Garazi Zabalo Manrique De Lara
Metaheuristic Algorithms for Transportation Problems in HealthCare, 2018
XXIX Cycle - 2013/2014
Name Thesis
Chiara Berrettoni
Design, Implementation and characterizationof an optoelectronic platform for the detection immunosuppressant in transplanted patients by means of a microfluidic optical chip , 2017
Irfan Hussain
Supernumerary robotic fingers to compensate and augmentthe human manipulation abilities , 2017
Kassem Kallas
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Adversarial Information Fusion in Distributed Sensor Networks , 2017
Somnath Mazumdar
An Efficient NoC-based Framework To Improve Dataflow Thread Management At Runtime, 2017
Mario Junior Mencagli
Manipulation of Surface Waves through Metasurfaces , 2016
Mostafa Mohammadi
Bilateral Aerial Tele-Manipulation: Single and Multi-Robot Approaches, 2017
Alessandro Rossi
Regularization and learning in the temporal domain , 2017
Agostino Talarico
Evolutionary games on networks for modeling spontaneous brain functioning, 2017
Khoa Tran
Resource Management for D2D Communications in Future Cellular Systems, 2017
Donato Zarrilli
Integration of lowcarbon technologies in smart grids: planning, optimization and control of renewables, demand response and energy storage , 2016
XXVIII Cycle - 2012/2013
Name Thesis
Marco Aggravi
Vibro-tactile Haptic Guidance for Human-Robot Interaction and Cooperation Tasks, 2016
Felice Manlio Bacco
Efficient M2M Communications via Random Access Satellite Channels , 2016
Van Le Anh
Interference mitigation with load balancingforheterogeneous LTE-A Systems , 2016
Kim Doanh Luong
Combining Multi-Path Protocols and Network Coding in Mobile Satellite Systems, 2017
Leonardo Meli
From Single to Multi-contact Robotic Teleoperation with Haptic Feedback, 2016
Santi Concetto Pavone
Analysis and Design of Bessel beam abd EAM pulse launchers in planar technology, 2015
Cyrille Sandry Simeu
Syed Asad Tirmizi
Attuning cutaneous, vibrotactile and kinesthetic components of haptic feedback in teleoperation, 2017
Benedetta Tondi
Theoretical Foundations of Adversarial Detection and Applicationss to Multimedia Forensiscs , 2016
XXVII Cycle - 2011/2012
Name Thesis
Toufik Bentaleb
Model-Based Control Techniques for Centrifugal Compressors , 2015
Giacomo Calabrese
Study and design of topologies and components for high power density DC-DC converters, 2015
Riccardo Chiarucci
Complex Systems Approaches in Investigating Series of Data: Multidisciplinary Applications in Economics and Physiology, 2015
Giulia Droandi
Secure processing of Biometric signals in mMlicious setting, 2019
Marco Faenzi
Design and Realisations of Modulated Metasurface Antennas, 2015
Guido Gioioso
Mapping Human Hand Movements onto Robotic Grasping Systems , 2020
Paolo Grani
From Electro-Optical to All-Optical Network on Chip Solutions for Serving Future Chip Multi-Processor Systems, 2015
Diana Hermith
A Constraint-based Modeling Approach for Biochemical Systems, 2016
Mirko Leomanni
Attitude and Orbit Control Techniques for Spacecraft with Electric Propulsion , 2015
Dario Madeo
Modeling and Identification of Networked and Distributed Complex Systems, 2015
Filippo Micheletti
Sistemi di Spettroscopia a Microonde applicati ai Beni Culturali , 2016
Muhammad Muhammad
Smart Gateway Handover Strategies in Terabit Satellite Networks, 2015
Claudio Pacchierotti
Cutaneous haptic feedback in robotic teleoperation, 2014
Biagio Peccerillo
Luay Shahin
Versatile measurement system for the characterization of gas sensing materials, 2014
Samanta Socci
Enumeration of Polyominoes defined by Combinatorial Constraints, 2015
Valentina Sozio
Homogenization Techniques for 3D Metamaterials, 2015
XXVI Cycle - 2010/2011
Name Thesis
Manushanker Balusbramanian
UTD diffraction by smooth convex NURBS surfaces and its application to efficient hybrid UTD/FEBI-MLFMM methods, 2015
Daniela Battaglino (M)
Enumeration of polyominoes defined in terms of pattern avoidance or convexity constraints, 2014
Silvia Bottini (M)
Computational methods for high density microarray data analysis, 2014
Francesco Chinello
Wearability in Robotics: Developing Cutaneous Devices for Haptic Stimuli, 2014
Alberto Coppi
Metodi di ottimizzazione per la gestione delle risorse critiche in ambito sanitario, 2013
Marco Fontani
Digital Forensic Techniquesfor Splicing Detection in Multimedia Contents, 2014
Salvatore Frandina
Developmental Visual Agent Video Scene Semantic Labeling using Deep Learning and Learning from Constraints, 2015
Simeon Kandem Kuiteing
Progressive Compressed Sensing Algorithms for remotely sensed Hyperspectral Data, 2015
Francesco Montomoli
Microwave scattering models and their application to boreal forests and agricultural lands, 2014
Adrian Ramos
Haptic Feedback in Augmented Bilateral Teleoperation for Robotic Neurosurgery, 2014
Luca Torella (M)
An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Semantic and Diagnosis of Term Rewriting Systems, 2015
Claudia Zoppetti
Advanced feauture extraction and segmentation methods for automatic Change Detection and Pre-Screening, 2015
XXV Cycle - 2009/2010
Name Thesis
Davide Barcelli
Decentralized and Hierarchical Model Predictive Control of Networked Systems, 2012
Alessandro Boianelli
Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Systems Biology, 2013
Andrea Costanzo Piccinnano
Techniques for Digital Image Forensics and Counter-Forensics, 2014
Martina Fedel (M)
Some generalizations of de Finetti’s Dutch Book Theorem: imprecise states, conditional probabilities and hyperstates on many-valued events, 2013
Federico Puggelli
Recent Advances in UTD Ray Description of Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation, 2012
Walter Quattrociocchi (M)
Computational Aspects of Social Dynamics, 2012
Sandro Rizzuto
Metodologie di studio e miglioramento della QoS per traffici multimediali su reti WiMAX, 2013
Gionata Salvietti
An object-based approach to map human nad synergies onto roboic hand with dissimilar kinematics, 2012
Giovanni Maria Sardi
Homogenization techniques for metamaterials realized by multilayer planar periodic surfaces, 2012
XXIV Cycle - 2008/2009
Name Thesis
Lapo Balucanti
Resource optimization in wireless Ad-hoc and sensor networks , 2012
Marco Belleschi
Distributed Resource Allocations Schemes for Advanced OFDMA Networks, 2012
Cesare Maria Carretti
Applications of Wireless Sesnor Networks: use of Cmpressive Sampling and practice. Hyperspectral Image recovery, 2012
Ilaria Castelli
Neural Networks with Trainable Activation Functions, 2014
Francesco Chiavaioli
Design, Development and Testing of a Refractometer Based on Optical Fiber Gratings: Physical and Biochemical Applications, 2012
Simone Cirri (M)
Giovanni Crisafulli (M)
Matteo De Chiara (M)
Filippo Fiorini (M)
Lorenzo Luperi Baglini (M)
Gabriele Minatti
Metasurface Antennas, 2012
Andrea Ricotti (M)
Stefano Scheggi
Motion Estimation Algorithms for Catadioptric Cameras, 2012
Massimo Selva
A New Approach to Quality Assessment in the Pansharpening Framework: Aliasing and Misregistration Effects, 2013
XXIII Cycle - 2007/2008
Name Thesis
Michele Baggi (M)
Rule-based Methodologies for the Specification and Analysis of Complex Computing Systems, 2011
Daniele Bernardini
Model Predictive Control of Stochastic and Networked Systems, 2011
Beate Bruske (M)
Filippo Disanto (M)
Pierluigi Failla
Privacy-preserving processing of biometric templates by homomorphic encryption , 2010
Marco Guarducci
Sistema di analisi delle immagini del fondo oculare, 2012
Riccardo Lazzeretti *
Privacy Preserving Processing of Biomedical Signals with Application to Remote Healthcare Systems, 2012
Rudy Manganelli
Design and validation of the force feedback and control loop for a neurosurgical teleoperation system, 2012
Daniele Marsibilio (M)
Alfio Masi
Robustness Analysis Techniques with application to Clearance of Flight Control Laws, 2011
Tiziano Papini
Embedding of domain constraints into Neural Networks by architectural design and learning, 2012
Annamaria Pezzotti (M)
Alessandro Pozzebon
The "Smart Pebble" system: an innovative platform for the tracing of marine sediments , 2012
Silvia Vecchiato (M)
Semantics of CBN Dual Calculus Proofs into Control Categories, 2012
XXII Cycle - 2006/2007
Name Thesis
Giorgio Carluccio
New Developments in Asymptotic High-Frequency Techniques for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering and Diffraction, 2010
Andrea Casaccino
Quantum Computation and Communication with Qubit Systems, 2010
Romina D'Aurizio (M)
Cristian Della Giovampaola
Computational Tecniques for the Electromagnetic Scattering from large Arbitrarily-Shaped Conducting Bodies, 2010
Snezana Hadzic
Resource Management and Analysis of WiMAX Systems, 2011
Cristian Lotti
Sistema di misura per la rilevazione di micele di gas basato su sensori elettrochimici polimerici., 2012
Agnese Mazzinghi
RLSA Antenna Design: Beyond Approximate Models and Full Wave Analysis, 2010
Stefano Melacci
Learning with Paiwise Constraints, 2010
Francesco Micheli
Nuovi paradigmi per la progettazione di sistemi di sicurezza avanzati: contesto, architetture ed algoritmi, 2010
Sara Mulatto
Development and implementation of a biomechanics-based 3D avatar of a human hand for haptically-enabled virtual reality, 2010
Chiara Nofroni (M)
Fabio Perna
Decodifica congiunta Sorgente-Canale per Reti di Sensori Wireless con Feedback, 2012
Giulio Ripaccioli
Hybrid MPC Strategies for Automotive Applications, 2010
Emiliano Sparacino
Mathematical Modeling, Identification and Multiple-scale Analysis of Ecological Systems, 2010
XXI Cycle - 2005/2006
Name Thesis
Simone Bova (M)
Francesco Caminita
Efficient analysis and modeling of periodic structures and locally periodic structures, 2009
Giacomo Cancelli *
New techniques for steganography and steganalysis in the pixel domain, 2009
Luca Capobianco *
Advances in Hyperspectral Kernel Target Detection, 2009
Davide Chiarugi (M)
Genome-scale Computational models for Biology, 2009
Angela D'Angelo *
Characterization and Quality Evaluation of Geometric Distortions in Images with Application to Digital Watermarking, 2009
Francesca De Carli (M)
Alberto Di Maria
Fast numerical tecniques for the design of planar and quasiplanar arrays, 2010
Samuele Giannetti
Radio Rosource Management for Satellite - High Speed Downlink Packet Access (S-HSDPA) and Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite 2 (DVB - S2), 2010
Jan Klinken (M)
The Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Biochemical Systems, 2009
Fabio Morbidi
Leader-Follower Formation Control and Visibility Maintenance of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots, 2009
Marcello Orlandesi
A LMI Framework fo Analysis and Desing of Multi-dimensional Haptic Systems , 2011
Zdravko Popovic
Multithreaded Dataflow in Tiled Architectures, 2009
Augusto Pucci
Graph-based Learning: Theory and Applications, 2009
Nikola Puzovic
Implementing fine/medium grained TLP support in multi-core architectures, 2009
Maria Stella (M)
Riccardo Zambon
QoS Management and Enhancement in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs, 2009
XX Cycle - 2004/2005
Name Thesis
Alessandro Alessio
Decentralized Model Predictive Control, 2008
Michele Basaldella (M)
Paolo Bennati
Embedded systems:low-power techniques and applications, 2008
Giacomo Calamai (M)
Annalisa Conversano (M)
On the connections between definable groups in o-minimal structures and real Lie groups: the non-compact case, 2009
Stefano Di Cairano
Model Predictive Control of Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Stabilization, Event-driven, and Stochastic Control, 2008
Vincenzo Di Massa
Graph Neural Networks, Image Classification and Object Recognition., 2008
Mauro Ettorre *
Analysis and design of efficient planar leaky-wave antennas, 2008
Alessandro Formaglio
Haptic simulation of manipulation tasks in large Virtual Reality, 2008
Filippo Geraci
Fast Clustering for Web Information Retrieval , 2008
Greco Giuseppe (M)
Massimo Grazzini
Metodologie dell’analisi ‘non-smooth’ per lo studio della stabilità del modello ‘full range’ delle reti neurali cellulari, 2008
Ilaria Matteucci (M)
Massimo Nannetti
Surface Wave Holographic Antennas, 2008
XIX Cycle - 2003/2004
Name Thesis
Tommaso Addabbo
Exploiting Nonlinear Dynamics for Random Number Generation in Cryptography, 2007
Luigi Carli
Classificazione di immagini iperspettrali: effetti della riduzione della dimensionalita' nei metodi di apprendimento basati su kernel, 2007
Massimiliano Casaletti
Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for the Electromagnetic Analysis of Complex Structures, 2007
Gianluca De Pascale
Models and Algorithms for Multi-Agent Scheduling Problems, 2007
Maurizio De Pascale
Algorithms and Software for Haptic Enabled Virtual Reality: GPU-friendly Local Deformations, Expected Constant-Time Collision Detection, Uniform Access to Haptic Devices, 2007
Giacomo Donzelli
Metamaterials for artificial magnetism and antenna applications, 2007
Tommaso Flaminio (M)
Guido Gherardi (M)
Gabriele Monfardini
A recursive model for neural processing in graphical domains, 2007
Luca Spada (M)
XVIII Cycle - 2002/2003
Name Thesis
Maria Libera Affatato (M)
Giovanni Angelini
A Web-Based Agent for Crossword Solving, 2007
Simona Bruni
Wide Band Leacky-Wave Radiation for Integrated Antennas and Arrays, 2006
Nicola Ceccarelli
CollectiveMotionofMulti-Vehicle Systems", 2005
Nicolo` Giorgetti
Logic-Based Solution Methods For Optimal Control And Verification Of Hybrid Dynamical Systems, 2005
Gianluca Mariottini
Image-based Visual Servoing for Mobile Robots: the Multiple View Geometry Approach, 2005
Filippo Nencini
Fusione di immagini multirisoluzione e multisensore per applicazioni di telerilevamento, 2005
Massimo Pannozzo
An automatic and unsupervised video surveillance system, 2006
Marco Turchi
Time Series Analysis of Textual Data, 2005
XVII Cycle - 2001/2002
Name Thesis
Irina Branovic
Instruction Set Extensions for Eliptic Curve Cryptography over Binary Finite Fields, 2004
Lorenzo Carlucci (M)
Leopoldo Infante
Line-Integral Representations of the Surface Radiation Integral and Application to Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements, 2004
Sonia L'Innocente (M)
Claudio Marini (M)
Luca Pancioni
Cellular Neural Networks: theoretical issues on stability and complex dynamics and implementation issues on microelectronic design, 2005
Antonio Pippi
Incremental High-Frequency Techniques for the Analysis of EM Scattering, 2004
Leonardo Rigutini
Automatic Text Processing: Machine Learning Techiniques, 2004
XVI Cycle - 2000/2001
Name Thesis
Claudia Di Nucci
Progetto e Realizzazione di un Naso Elettronico con Microbilance al Quarzo, 2003
Mauro Gattari (M)
Antonio Giannitrapani
A set-theoretic framework for simultaneous localization and map building, 2003
Francesco Mariottini
Efficient Representations of the Active GreenXs Function for a Large Planar Phased Array of Dipoles with Tapered Excitation, 2003
Patrizia Marzuoli (M)
Simone Paoletti
Identification of piecewise affine models, 2003
Jacopo Piazzi
Visual servoing methods based on epipolar geometry, 2004
XV Cycle - 1999/2000
Name Thesis
Marco Casini
Set-Membership Estimation: an Advanced Tool for System Identification, 2003
Alessio Cucini
Electromagnetic full-wave analysis of large planar periodic array antennas, 2003
Giovanni Curi (M)
Gaia Innocenti (M)
Paolo Mascellani (M)
Alessia Polemi
Frequency-Domain GreenXs Function for Planar Periodic Large Phased Arrays in Multilayered Dielectric Regions, 2003
Nicola Ulivieri
Developing, modelling and integration of olfactory electronic systems, 2003
Emanuele Zoccari (M)


PhD Students/Alumni

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